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Yashy.com is maintained by IT professionals located globally. Our main focuses are network security, cryptography, and anonymity . We have been very successful in completing all projects we have attempted, to date. Should you be interested in recruiting us for anything from creating a simple webpage, to providing a full WAN/ LAN security audit, feel free to contact us. We specialize in several Linux and BSD distributions, as well as several variants of Unix.

The Internet was created as a mass knowledge base. Today, it has become the most widely polluted area of society. Child porn sites, pirated software, and commercial advertising dominate its vast territories. Is this really what the Internet's original creators intended it to become?

You will find no Java Script, Java or frames on our web-sites. Should you find this webpage doesn't appear to be browser friendly, it is your browser. Please upgrade to a browser that is standards compliant.

Our goal is to keep our "property" on the Internet free of the mess of commercialism and corruption, and to remain a resource for those seeking information. As well, if you have an interest in open source operating systems, security and/or cryptography, you may wish to join the yashy-hack mailing list , which is frequented internationally by IT professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike.

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