The Yashy-Hack [yh] Mailing List FAQ

1) What are the topics of the list?
Frequency Scanning
(and that was just today :)

2) Are those all the topics?
No, You can talk about anything of interest,
so long as it is not too illegal. (eg. I am anti-childporn)

3) Who runs this list?
As of Thu Dec 3 00:30:45 EST 1998 I once again moderate and maintain the list.

4) How do I sign up or change my subscrption settings?
These actions can be completed on the Mailman interface

5) How much traffic does the list see?
Depends on subject. From +100 posts a day to one every two days.
It depends on how many posts you and the others make.
I'd also like to mention that forwarding messages is
frowned upon, as I prefer personal knowledge than something
cut and pasted from the www. I'd recommend posting a brief
summary/tutorial and than adding a link to the webpage.
Prove you have intelligence.

6) Are there archives of yashy-hack posts?
Due to the large increase of spam bots etc, the
archives have been removed.
If you are looking for a specific post,
ask to the list, as alot of subscribers also own archives.

7) Will I learn anything?
This is a good question, the only way anyone will get
anything out of it is by posting. If you have any questions,
ask them.

8) Okay then, how do I post a message to the list?
Send it to
You have to be a member to post.

9) What if I want to post anonymously?
In the archives there is a list of remailers to use.
Our anonymous remailer is currently inactive to the public.

10) What if I don't like the topics on the list?
Send an email to
body/message (not subject): unsubscribe
Thats it.

11) Who should I give credit to?
Anyone that posts :)

 In case it wasn't apparent, Yashy's list in particular is probably
 MORE applicable to unix admins than wannabe hackers.
 - cult hero <jericho(at)>

 I, for one, certainly thought Yashy's list was a bunch of wannabe hackers
 until I joined and lurked for a bit.  
 - Bryan Fullerton <bryanf(at)>

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