Yashy's scanners:

Realistic Pro-2020

20 channel programmable.
80 channel programmable mod available. (phreak.org)
There are a lot of mods available for this great starter scanner
Manufacturer Documentation (radioshack.com)

VHF Mid: 30-50 MHz
Aircraft: 108-136 MHz
VHF High: 138-174 MHz
UHF: 410-512 MHz

Radio-Shack Pro-24

This was my first scanner. A great starter scanner.
No scan function, only 16 channel programmable.
Manufacturer Documentation (tandy.com)

VHF-Lo: 29-50 MHz (in 5 kHz steps)
Amateur Radio: 50-54 MHz (in 5 kHz steps)
Government: 137-144 MHz (in 5 kHz steps)
Amateur Radio: 144-148 MHz (in 5 kHz steps)
VHF-Hi: 148-174 MHz (in 5 kHz steps)
Amateur Radio/Government: 406-450 MHz (in 12.5 kHz steps)
UHF Standard: 450-470 MHz (in 12.5 kHz steps)
UHF "T": 470-512 MHz (in 12.5 kHz steps)
UHF Public Service: 806.0000-823.9375 MHz (in 12.5 kHz steps)
851.0000-868.9375 MHz (in 12.5 kHz steps)
896.1125-956 MHz (in 12.5 kHz steps)

Trident TRX-100XLT

Sweet scanner, that's all I can say.
Documentation could use work.
Rich Wells review (Strongsignals.net)

0.500 - 2200 MHz Nothing blocked (illegal in the US)
1/2/3/5/6.25/9/10/12.5/20/25/30/50/100/200/250/500 kHz steps available
AM, FM & WFM modes

Scanner Resources:

Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations (2005 Edition) (PDF Format, 434 KB)
DurhamRadio is where I buy most of my scanner equipment from.
Radioworld Biggest radio store in Canada, located in Toronto
Google Directory - Scanning
Dean Hoisak's Eastern Ontario Freq. listings
Duckman's Ottawa Freq's
Canadian Freq. lists
Canadian Radio Spectrum
Canadian TAFL
MIT archives of rec.radio.scanner